22 March 2008

A pox on both of their houses

"And that's the point. I despise them both. But I don't think either group should be arrested for having foul ideas."

"According to the press reports that I've seen, there was some chanting and sign-waving and even a few leaflets being handed out, but no violence, and no incitement of violence."

"In other words, it was calmer than a typical Friday afternoon at Syed Soharwardy's mosque."
Go Ezra.



And yes, once again... there's this sad sack.

Hmmm... just about what you'd expect from a 'Chicken Little' confrere of "Lucy" Warman.


LAST WORD: Point... Set... AND MATCH
"How dare he tell me, and the millions of other children and grandchildren, what their forbears sacrifice was about?"

"How dare he presume to set himself up as the arbiter of what such a momentous and complex event as the War was about?"

"It's an insult and a slight on every single veteran and every single member of their families."