17 March 2008

Startling, undeniable evidence...

That Ontario Liberals are indeed living in an alternate universe...
"The government will have a very, very ambitious agenda to continue to make sure that Ontario's economy is productive," said Deputy Premier George (Diaperhead) Smitherman.
Uh, Georgie... you're basing that optimistic statement on what exactly?
The legislature has sat only two weeks in the past nine months. That brief session came last December after members took time out for the October election.
Good grief.


"Gee, the summer break must be just around the corner."

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Mr. McGuinty was armed with a tray of sliced oranges and accompanied by two cabinet ministers bearing crackers and cheese as he met with students at Cliffside Public School in east Toronto to announce the first steps towards his promised second-term priority of addressing poverty.
Yeah Dalton, that's exactly what we need... more snacks.