28 March 2008

Okay... I think I get it now

Stephen Harper is a crazy control freak... but Stephane Dion is a benevolent, fatherly disciplinarian...
-- MONTREAL -- Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion moved yesterday to regain control of his Quebec troops, calling on them to show a "steely discipline," although he would not say what he would do if other dissenters pop up.

"I have a much better team than Harper. Not only is it better, it's united," Mr. Dion said.
Steffi-licker supreme, Serge Joyal, seemed a little less optimistic about that superlative and extremely loyal Liberal team...
"They don't seem to realize that we are in a war and in that war, you shoot at the outside, not the inside. You won't improve the situation if you kill some of your own soldiers," Mr. Joyal, who is now a Liberal senator, told CTV News.

"I am thrilled that Steffi is still around, it's like having a perpetual live Monty Python skit to view daily -- 'E's not dead....e's just restin'."

"Keep him around, the comedic factor is incalculable."

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"If his white grandmother's alive... I think it's gonna be a tense Thanksgiving this year."