26 March 2008

Kathy Shaidle has 600 emails...

To plow through this morning... and I'm thinkin' I know who most of them are from...
"Obviously Kinsella's borderline slander is prompted by jealousy."

"Steyn visits the White House and Buckingham Palace while Warren hunts for Nazis in boy's washrooms."

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"I've got a question for Kinsella."

"Where was his outrage a few years ago when more than 1,000 Muslim radicals marched through Calgary chanting "death to the Jews" and flying the flag of the terrorist group Hezbollah?"

In India, they have a problem with cobras. Thousands of people dying every year. So, the government put a bounty on cobras. Makes sense, profit motive, etc.

Well, not so much. Turns out some real smart guys started farms to breed cobras...

I think we are seeing the same thing here. There is cash in cobras, and folks like Warman and Kinsella breeding the hell out of them.