28 March 2008

You are what you eat

While most of the fuzzy-bunny left seems to be overly obsessed with, say... what's going on with the Antarctic ice-shelf... I've decided to focus on stuff a little closer to home... like what I shovel into my yap, three times a day.
-- OTTAWA -- The number of organic farms in Canada increased by almost 60 per cent in five years and continues growing, though they still fill only a tiny part of the food supply, Statistics Canada says.
So... a 60 percent increase... that's a startling statistic.

Well, don't put on your party hats just yet.
Statistics Canada noted that organic products accounted for less than one per cent of the $46.5-billion Canadians spent in grocery stores in 2006.

In fact, the agency said, the most common certified organic crops are hay and field crops, and most of this production is exported.
Head on over to Statistics Canada for facts and figures.


RELATED: Speaking of Antarctica, who said...
“I’m tired of having a bunch of white people running around doing science... when it comes to Antarctica, it isn’t just the landscape that’s white.”
Hey, Doc... throw in a couple of deaf lesbians and we're virtually guaranteed to have "peace on earth."

I've got this other killer idea... let's all turn off some lights for an hour... and solve all the world's environmental problems.

Damn... I'm good.