26 March 2008

There oughta be a law

If only we had some some sort of legislation "that would ban" carting around a shitload of guns and drugs...
A Montreal man faces more than 60 charges after police in Ajax stopped an SUV loaded with a "substantial" amount of drugs and an arsenal of firearms, including an assortment of nine weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition and even a grenade.

The officers also found a kilo of cocaine worth about $100,000, four 500 ml bottles of the date rape drug GHB, $10,000 in cash and several boxes of laboratory equipment.

Hanna Anastas, 34, of Montreal, faces 64 charges, mostly related to firearms and drug trafficking.
And a cry rose over the tormented multitude... "more laws, more bans..."

'Cos it's been working out so well, so far.


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But if the cops weren't chasing after bloggers... who "maybe" hurt somebody's feelings... they'd likely have more time to chase real criminals, no?
"A police officer gets a warrant to seize buddy's hard drive based on a specific charge with a judge's consent. But that warrant has to be fairly specific, I would presume, to the complaint at hand."

"The authorities are not supposed to just do fishing expeditions and maybe discover that buddy's also been cheating on his income taxes or selling fake Viagra."
And circumventing the intent of a search warrant... what's that about?
"But then, this police officer just hands the hard drive over to the Human Rights Commission, which has much mushier standards of evidence, so a totally new agency can do a fishing expedition without having to go through the hassle of getting a warrant."
I guess "Lucy" Warman would tell you... it's all about "the greater good"... except, of course, he hadn't bothered to show up.

Which is how things work, in the "Land of Hurt Feelings."