29 March 2008

Laibar Singh is on a roll

Looks like he's managed to piss off all his former supporters... as well as Canadian taxpayers...
"He's a liar," declares Balwant Singh Gill, president of the Guru Nanak Sikh temple in Surrey, near Vancouver. "He said he would obey the laws of Canada and go home. We think it's in his best interest to go home. We even offered him $100,000 for medical treatment in India."

Half that amount was posted as a surety to the Immigration and Refugee Board, in order to buy some more time for Mr. Singh to recover from his illness and arrange his affairs in India. The money, raised by local supporters, has been forfeited, says Mr. Gill, thanks to Mr. Singh's intransigence.
Why should anyone care about this case? Apart from the outrageous lies Laibar Singh has told to everyone to remain in Canada... the fact is, the money comes right out of your pocket.
Mr. Singh's care in Canada also has a price, one borne by taxpayers. Earlier this month, the Vancouver Sun reported that his public medical bills have already reached $491,900.

That's in addition to the $62,947 the Canadian Border Services Agency has spent on its aborted deportation attempts.
Get rid of this guy... NOW.