27 March 2008

Just something to ponder...

The next time the screechy, hysterical lunatic left attempts to manipulate your emotions...
"An estimated 2,300 Canadians died in 2006 after contracting antibiotic resistant Staph bacteria, costing the national heath-care system between $200 million and $250,000 million that year, new figures suggest."
As devastating as they undoubtedly are to friends and family of our military casualties... combat deaths in Afghanistan... have so far averaged out to 10 or 12 soldiers per year.

Guess what... it's "a war." People get killed. That's why it's not called "Circle of Friends."

The fact is, if Steffi and Taliban Jack were truly concerned about saving Canadian lives... and not just making political hay out of our brave soldier's deaths... perhaps they'd devote a little time to stuff that is actually taking a far (in this case, just shy of 200 times) higher toll right here in Canada.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Meet my new friend 'MIKMOUSE'
"I would like to see your humanity adressed(sic) to 35,000 preventable deaths each day, you sanctimonious, bombastic(fool) fuck."