31 March 2008

I dunno... I'm still waiting...

For my "Highland Clearances" compensation cheque from the British Royal Family...
As the clock ticks down on Monday's application deadline, many Chinese-Canadians who were forced to pay Canada's controversial head tax in the late 1800s and early 1900s have not applied for a federal redress payment.

Since those people could miss out if they don't apply for $20,000 in government compensation, Chinese community advocates are calling for the deadline to be extended by another three months.

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Dr. Dawg has seen the movie and didn’t like the tie in between the Koran and the ongoing Islamic terrorism which Wilders’ film underscores.

Dawg drags out the hoary idea that the Bible has blood curdling passages too, so there. Which explains all the headlines we see about Anglicans beheading the infidels and Biblically inspired Amish hostage takings.