25 March 2008

Ezra vs Bladerunner

I'm not up on all the latest lingo... but I think this is called "declaring a fathead..."
"P.S.: Good lord -- look at what a commenter dug up. Young Abdullah isn't just importing sharia law to Moncton -- he's importing stilettos and other assorted weapons, too, as fast as he can. This is a picture of one that he bought just two weeks ago on eBay. Here are the details."

"Oh, and here's what the Criminal Code has to say about stilettos that can be opened with the click of a button -- they're illegal (scroll down to the definition of the phrase "prohibited weapon")."

"But I'm sure Abdullah would tell the police -- if their diversity squad permitted them to raise this touchy subject -- that he follows a higher authority than Canadian laws."
Don't bother trying to open up the link to the Moncton Mosque... it seems young Abdullah has suddenly turned shy.
(see update below)

Looks like he decided to shut down his Facebook profile too.

I did find this though... in case anybody is interested in sending our homegrown jihadi their best wishes...

UPDATE: We have the technology...
Hey, Abdullah... your heart may belong to Allah... but your ass belongs to "Google Cache."
Wait a minute... Abdullah's webpage has resurfaced... and, lo and behold... he suddenly has a new hobby.

Funny... that's not what the page said... before it disappeared... after Ezra's post.

The mysterious ways of Islam.


LAST WORD: Better late... than never
Public notice of change of registered name
under the Change of Name Act, chapter C-2.001,

Previous Registered Name: Robert William Palmer Delancey

New Registered Name: Abdullah Robert Delancey
Address: 22 Seventh Street
Moncton, N.B. E1E 3G1
Date Granted: November 28, 2006
If this guy is 38 years old now... isn't he some sort of 'Abdullah-come-lately'.