25 March 2008

The phrase you're looking for is...

"Caught with his pants down."
Finally, we get to the heart of the argument, as far as Lemire's defence: Barbara suggests that Steacy emailed Lemire to trap him into admitting that the initial complaint was made in a "vexatious" manner, and he - sort of admits that was a factor, although not really.

Ahh, but if he *had* replied to Steacy's email, Barbara points out, the commission would be able to use that to dismiss any future complaint from Lemire.

"That's not the way we work," Steacy insists. "It's on a case by case basis."
Ah yes... the old, "we only screw over some of the citizenry... sometimes" defense.

Go Dean.


UPDATE: The testimony continues...

While being blind may indeed sharpen your other senses... apparently it doesn't do squat for your memory...
Finally, she gets to her question: does Steacy remember that testimony?
Answer: "Sort of."

Did he sign onto Stormfront again?
Answer: "Probably," although he doesn't remember for sure.
Go Deaner... you're really smokin' now.
2:18:27 PM
So why *was* he on freedominion.ca before there was a complaint?
Answer: Because there was the *potential* for a complaint to come in, he says - prompting muffled gasps from the group beside me, which includes the two founders of Free Dominion.

Now Doug Christie is on his feet, and expressing grave concern over the fact that a CHRC representative was investigating the site before a complaint has been made.
Barbara K wants to know *who* - othe than Gentes - was considering making a complaint, and Steacy refuses to answer.

LAST WORD: Not so 'Special K'
"UPDATE: Oh, before I forget: this website hereby announces it will pay $0.23* for a clear photo of Warren Kinsella and any Liberal frontbencher together, taken in the last two years."

"For such a well-connected political insider, they seem to be hard to come by."