18 March 2008

So, what does it mean...

If Egypt... supposedly one of the most forward looking of the middle-eastern countries... is in this kind of desperate shape?

What does that tell you about the rest of countries in this region?
Egypt's president has ordered the army to increase the production and distribution of bread, in an attempt to cope with serious shortages.

Rising prices and alleged corruption have sparked recent clashes at bakeries in poorer neighbourhoods, leading to several deaths.

Many of Egypt's 70m population, about half of whom live below the poverty line, survive on subsidised bread.
Perhaps a few of their Muslim brothers, in places like Libya and Iran, should consider diverting some of those oil billions from armaments & promoting jihad... to feeding some of their starving Egyptian brothers.

Yeah, I know... silly me.


"I have many coptic Christian friends that tell me stories that will make me pi$$ my pants. People there have dreams about eating meat, they even have songs about it, lol "Anna aiz lahma, anna aiz lahma, etc."

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Well... only if it doesn't have it's own Islamic Revolution.
The political crisis in Turkey continues to deepen, following a move by the country's top prosecutor to try to disband the ruling Justice and Development Party on charges of undermining the secular state.

The prime minister and president, both members of the Islamic-rooted party, are also facing a political ban of five years.