21 March 2008

Farmers, hunters & target shooters...

Totally off the hook... yet again.
-- TORONTO -- Akinyosoye-Paul followed them outside and continued to threaten them, warning, "You're all going to die."

And then he tried to make good on that promise, following them to the North Kipling Community Centre, pulling out a gun and shooting Michael Waterman and his companion.

When police questioned both victims, they were unable to tell them why they'd been shot. It turns out the gunman had made a near fatal error in his blind rage, and shot two innocent people.

Neither was involved with gangs and neither knew his cousin or the suspect.
Another less than triumphant moment for the Liberals "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry."

Does this mean we get our 2 billion dollars back?


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Hey, Regina... we're gunnin' for you...
A man in his 20s parked at an east-end mall with his 9-year-old daughter was shot through the chest last night, police say. The man was taken to Sunnybrook hospital in serious condition and his daughter was taken to a nearby police station to be questioned.

Although the strip mall at Lawrence Ave. and Markham Rd. was busy when the shooting took place at 7 p.m., police have no witnesses.

"We had a whole lot of people here, but no one is willing to say anything ... That is typical for Scarborough," said police Const Ryan Shaw.

UPDATE: And there's the "wild west" end
Four men escaped serious injury after they were shot through the window of a west-end doughnut shop early Saturday morning.

Three of the men were sitting inside Country Style Donuts around 1:15 a.m. at 606 Dixon Rd., near Kipling Ave. when they were shot at close range through the window of the business, Toronto police Acting Staff Sgt. Cheryl Sanson said.
Safe city... my ass.


LAST WORD: The Toronto Red Star...

Was apparently unable to obtain a description of the donut store shooter... but don't worry... Global TV has your back...
Police said several people were seen fleeing from the scene of the shooting at the Country Style Donuts shop on 1735 Kipling Avenue.

"The suspect description is male, black, five foot five to five foot eight, blue bandanna, black jacket, dark pants and dark baseball cap," said Beadman. "Toronto Police are requesting assistance from the public in relation to any possible witnesses who may have been present in the area."