24 March 2008

See, Dalton... it's not what you say

It's what you're actually prepared to do... and to most people, the term "high-risk offender" carries with it some built in warnings... such as "danger, avoid contact, monitor closely" and very probably... "don't let this monster loose."
-- KINGSTON, Ont. -- A high-risk sex offender is back behind bars after he allegedly threatened to kill a group of children after being freed from Kingston Penitentiary.

Bateman has a criminal record that spans more than 30 years. It includes violent sex attacks on children accompanied by torture and humiliation.
So, Dalton... what exactly is this guy doing out on the street?
In 1991, Bateman received an eight-year sentence for repeated violent assaults on a Belleville, Ont. girl that included an attempt to rape the nine-year-old with a screwdriver.

He hung the boy by his ankles over a stairwell in once instance and rammed his face into a plate of hot pasta in another.
Apparently, in Dalton McGuinty's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise, there's no such thing as a bad boy.

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The man arrested in a high-risk takedown Easter Sunday in a taxi was wanted for a murder last month during which a suspect was identified from surveillance images.

Toronto Police today said Mohmed Ahmed Nakhuda, 36, of Toronto, was sought for the shooting death of Jonathan Rodrigues.

Homicide Det.-Sgt. Dan Sheppard said the motive is believed known and he and wanted man were "associates" involved in "lifestyles" he declined to describe.
If only poor Mohmed hadn't been brainwashed by that inanimate chunk of metal.

I hate when that happens.