20 March 2008

Somebody help me out here

What part of Stephen Harper's scary, hidden agenda... does this little policy gem fall under?
-- CALGARY -- Thousands of immigrants who tested positive for HIV before entering Canada have been allowed into the country, Sun Media has learned.

Of 2,567 immigration hopefuls who tested positive for the disease that leads to AIDS from January 2002 -- when Ottawa first began screening -- to December 2006, only 126 were refused, said Lorraine Lavallee, spokesman for Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
The Liberal party of Canada always seems to be arguing that... if there is ever a majority Conservative government, there will be a draconian policy of... for example... "more machine guns, fewer lesbians".

Perhaps someone can square that philosophy with this open door policy on people with HIV/AIDS?

Who actually falls for these stupid scare tactics?

I'm still waiting for those soldiers... with guns... on our streets... they're not kidding.

Lord love a duck.

Wake up Canada.