24 March 2008

Theocracy now!

The infelicitously named teachers union in the U.K. has come up with a novel way to solve all of Britain's social ills... let's do away with the separation of Church & State -- in its entirety...
-- NUT conference, Manchester -- Head teachers should allow imams, rabbis and priests to offer religious instruction to pupils in all state schools, teachers' leaders have said.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) said the move would be a way to reunite divided communities.
Well, that one's gonna be hard to dispute... I mean, look at how well it's been working in the Islamic Middle East.


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Check out the last two paragraphs in this online article...
It is not clear why those on board the Global Patriot opened fire.
And... wait for it...
Al-Qaeda militants have in the past used small motorboats to attack US military and other foreign vessels in waters off the coast of Yemen, our correspondent adds.