10 November 2011

"Good sense, innocence, cripplin' mankind"

..."Dead kings, many things, I can't define"...judgement... it's a good thingLet the beatification begin...

"She lived an authentic life — her philosophy was that one should never judge others."
Or, apparently... anything about herself.

apparently, they haven't ruled out the fluIronically... a little "self-judgement" here would probably have been a lifesaver.

What a waste.


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...and the lunatic left will have forgotten all about Ashlie Gough.

They've obviously got bigger fish, er... birds to fry...
brokeback iceberg'Cos that's just how they roll...
"It has been called unfair and heart-breaking. Others still are accusing the zoo of attempting to force the penguins into the 'patriarchal sex-trade industry'."


Fenris Badwulf said...

Indeed, let the beatification begin.

Neo Conservative said...

the article quotes the stepmother as saying... "she lived an authentic life"... the implication being, what... that anyone without myriad piercings & tattoos, a hankering for crown royal and heroin and a tolerance for less than hygienic living conditions... is somehow inauthentic... a fake, if you will.

this woman, as is her right, lived a life that ended up snuffing out her very existence... and still the people around her, the very people who should be missing her most... seem determined to celebrate those destructive choices.

i don't get it.

hey, moms... call me wacky... but maybe an intervention would have been in order here?

admittedly, it probably wouldn't have worked... but at least you could truly feel that you did all you could to try prevent this all-too-predictable train wreck.

instead, you give us this nonsensical vomit of rainbows and unicorn farts.

i guess everyone grieves differently, huh?

so sad... and again... such a waste.


Frances said...

Is the anti-zoo crowd of the 'better extinct than forced to mate' mind?

Neo Conservative said...

i've never understood why some people choose to define themselves by their their sexual appetites or preference.

how shallow & narcissistic is that?

you can just smell the desperation & loneliness... which may explain why drugs seem to be such an integral part of the homosexual (for men anyway) scene.