11 November 2011

What's a little contagion, homicide...

...or narcotic syncopy among friends?
goodbye dirty smelly hippies

-- HALIFAX NS -- Mayor Peter Kelly issued a statement saying the demonstrators' occupation of the parks simply isn't fair to other residents.

"Council and the public have respected the right to peaceful protest and free assembly, but the time has come for the encampment to end," Kelly said in a statement released Friday.

"Our parks are for all of the public, not an unregulated campground for some."
Simple yet eloquent.

My question is... where's Mayor Rob Ford on the miscreants holding Hogtown hostage?


Jen said...

Why don't the occupiers join the army, maybe when they are sent to countries where freedom is death these same occupiers will then remember that they have freedom but have no idea what it truly means.

obituary said...

the army won't take them.

Neo Conservative said...

somebody please explain to me why our tax dollars go to supporting these sort of wastrels.

i don't get it.