14 November 2011

I hear the Toronto Homicide Squad...

...is rounding up farmers, deer hunters and skeet shooters as we speak...

Police are searching for two suspects after a man was shot in the neck outside a west-end grocery store Saturday afternoon. The shots rang out around 4:45 p.m. in front of the FreshCo on Eglinton Avenue West, near Caledonia.

The victim is said to be between 25 and 30 years old. He was rushed to hospital and remains in critical condition.

The suspects are described as white, about five feet, five inches tall with slim builds. They were last seen running west on Venn Crescent.


Anonymous said...

well that is dumb do the police really think someone is stupid enough to use a licensed shot gun. why don'tthey get rid of the gangs in town there the ones who use the illegal guns. and I be it was either a hand gun.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... get rid of the gangs in town"

you'd think it would be that simple, right?

instead, in its wisdom, the liberal party of canada spent 2 billion taxpayer dollars to set up the farmer bob rifle registry.

how exactly does harassing farmers, duck hunters and skeet shooters solve the problem of inner-city handgun homicide?

my real question is... when do we get our 2 billion dollars back?


CJ said...

"The suspects are white ..."

Straightforward fearless reportage that furthers the interests of justice! Too bad it only applies when the suspects are white.

Neo Conservative said...

"cj says... Too bad it only applies when the suspects are white."

funny how that works, huh?

the media fall all over themselves not to mention ethnicity whenever ethnicity is involved. you ever notice how both the media and the police also try to have an ethnic spokesperson whenever they get a shooting in an area like jane & finch?

i guess that's supposed to take make people feel more at ease somehow.

i don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Do you support scrapping the pistol and machine gun parts of the registry? If not, there will be little money saved since they are on the same servers as the long gun records.
As you daily point out, the pistol and machine gun registry is ineffective too.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny, yet again, bleats... scrapping the pistol and machine gun parts of the registry?"

on, nonny... the machine gun registry? seriously? and what about laser guns... oh my gawd, they're coming for you puss.

say... why don't you head on back to "occupy toronto" and see where your aboriginal "peacekeeper" friends stand on firearms ownership?

let us know how that works out, willya?

as for handguns... which you endlessly troll about here... asked & answered.

sadly for you, peace moonbeam... it doesn't matter where i weigh in on any of this anyway... the majority conservative government... which reduces you, daily, to incoherent babble, has spoken.

the point, which you seem to be unable to comprehend... is that harassing farmers, duck hunters and skeet shooters does absolutely nothing to reduce the scourge of urban handgun violence.

sadly... the taxpayers of canada will never get their 2 billion liberal publicity stunt dollars back.