08 November 2011

Maybe the question should have been...

..."Would you take any one of these smelly, semi-professional miscreants home to have dinner with your family?"

"The most significant demographic that views the Occupy movement favourably is people who are between 18 and 29 years of age, the poll found.

Most of those who viewed the Occupy protests unfavourably said it was because they believed it was pointless or lacked leadership."
Looks like they have the irrational homeless junkie vote sewed up...
“I wish there had been perhaps less shouting because I think the questions are really important, and I just hope that some of the people who were here weren’t put off.”

He said he thought he could get attention and urge people to cool it, but it did not work. Neither did repeated calls for calm from the church lectern in which he named specific activists.

At one point, he became particularly angry when one activist threatened a riot.
Yeah... I'm shocked.


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snips & snails & puppy dog tailsMaybe they should have had a spike check...

apparently, they haven't ruled out the fluGuess which image the fuzzy-bunny Canadian media is running with.


LAST WORD: Definitely not the 99%...

...that I pal around with...
Alcohol and drug use are prevalent in the park, where many area homeless have taken up residence. There have also been incidents of violence and even an alleged sex assault.
I know where my child is... and surprise, surprise... it's not guzzling whiskey & sharing syringes with unwashed strangers in a makeshift junkie hellhole.


syncrodox said...

Crown Royal is nice in a Coke press...

Neo Conservative said...

nice advertising hook for the crown royal folks... the drink of choice for the 99%... except, of course, that it isn't.

what's a bottle cost these days and, more to the point... how's it mix with a syringe full of mexican brown?