29 November 2011

Oh my gawd... obviously they're on to us

yeah, there's some objectivityI guess that super-secret Conservative plan... to brand & banish homosexuals to Baffin Island is gonna have to be moved up...

"What matters here is the precedent being set. After the witch hunt against the CBC, who’s next? Museums, obviously. And then what?"
Your Globe & Mail... never afraid to ask the really hard questions.


freedom87 said...

No but seriously, I voted for the Conversatives, and I want project Baffin Island!

Neo Conservative said...

well, slick... i'd say it's way more likely you're just some cowardly anonymous troll lookin' to stir up up a little shit here... jam up the comment thread with what you imagine is a facsimile of some fundie right-wing rant.

you really think tossing around terms like "witch hunt" is a way to advance the conversation?

how about you make an attempt to address the actual point here?

or maybe the whole thing's just way too subtle for your occu-botto brain, huh?


dmorris said...

"You are correct to call it a witch hunt, Mr. Doyle. The CBC is a vital institution. It is peerless in investigative journalism."

From the comments at the link. See,it's a vital institution, not a money-sucking club of elitist liberals from the three major cities.

Investigative journalism? No, SELECTIVE investigative journalism,where they never investigate any of the Left's sacred cows.

One commenter suggested the government remake CBC in the image of PBS,which I kind of like.

Who wouldn't like to see the CBC gang answering phones,begging for the money that keeps them working?