18 November 2011

Is it just me... or is anybody else...

...still waiting on Queen Lizzie to pony up that "Highland Clearances" abuse cheque?too many bureaucrats


Anonymous said...

Lizzy the party of Juan (1)
My grandad was taken from a n orphanage in the slums of Glasgow shipped to Canada as slave labor for some farmer near Portage la Prairie at the age of 9. Nobody asked him what he wanted.
I guess I will get the apology and a BIG cheque.
Cheers Bubba
He just got on with it, raised a big family and now has about 500 descendents. We all work, contribute and make the most of this great country. We are Canadians!
I don't know what he would make of Lizzy I do know he was close to 80 before he would consent to the means test to determine if he was eligable for a pension.
I have letters of his during the war he had 4 sons serving proudly overseas. He was cutting cordwood in the bush for 5 dollars a cord with axe and bucksaw. For that he had to haul it to the road and stack it and then pay to get it hauled to the mill.
He was around 70 then.
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the aboriginal peoples want absolutely nothing to do with "racist" white society... until it comes to their chequebooks, that is.

reservations in canada are the undisputed home of unspeakable criminal activity... of horrendous substance abuse and domestic violence against women & children... despicable behavior that simply cannot be laid at the feet of the rest of civil society...

"Statistics Canada calculates that more than half of native kids are living in poverty; ¾ drop out of school before completing Grade 12; the incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women."

funny how... an aboriginal man kills his kids, the community rallies behind him... then tries to blame the wily "white" man.

enough of this culture of victimisation.

this is canada... a country where there is supposed to be one people... one law.

blood money for alleged injustices is a feature of feudal middle-eastern societies.

we have a criminal code here in canada... i say we stick with that.