22 November 2011

Darn it all, Mr President... we're so sorry...

...but heck, now that you've spelled it out... maybe, just maybe... next time around... we'll measure up...trick question, right?

"Canada must first be certified as a fit place to send a convicted terrorist, a nation not likely to permit him to attack the United States, and one that has control of its prisons."


Builder said...

My Christmas wish.....Canada fails to meet these high standards for incarceration of terrorists

Neo Conservative said...

well, we certainly wouldn't wanna let president mcdreamy down... i say we send this matter back to a house of commons committee to study ALL possible ramifications of this "certification" process.

then, after a year or two, maybe parliament can pass it along to the senate for a little more sober, second thought.

we should not act hastily here.


Frances said...

And this bill can't be blamed on Bush/Cheney - it's an Obama/Biden special.