23 November 2011

Basking in their brilliance... it's Job #1

Until not a single McDreamy socialist ass... remains unkissed.

I swear, there's no one who represents that unrepentant dumbed-down bias like the Globe's Jane Taber. What's life without a dream, huh Janie? And, hey... you get a twofer here... a celebration of Juicy Justin putting yet another one of those dumb as dogshit tea-party wannabees in their place.

You go, girl... all that was missing were the dulcet tones of "Abraham, Martin & John."

Gawd... I miss actual news.

And what about Lisa Laflamme's presentation of Sidney Crosby's chiropracter's upside-downy spinny machine on CTV's national newscast?

I didn't exactly follow Doctor Boneshaker's explanation about "bees in your head"... but I'm sure it involves the same sort of rigorous double-blind testing that Breathe-Rite Nasal Strips are subject to.

How exactly does any of this promote intelligent discourse? No wonder the citizen-media is so popular these days.


UPDATE: It gets better...

"We are amused, but hardly surprised, to see that the mainstream media has moved beyond writing questions for the Liberals, and is now writing their points of order too."