21 November 2011

If you took every wind turbine...

...on the face of this earth... and used that money to prop up health care... how many lives you figure you could save?

When an honest history of this period in the United States is written, it will not be kind to the corporate cronyism that preyed upon public ignorance of earth science to create a crisis — global warming — to exploit and loot the Treasury.

In the best wind spots on earth, over 14,000 turbines were simply abandoned. Spinning, post-industrial junk which generates nothing but bird kills.


Anonymous said...

I drove east to west from Ontario to BC through the USA
route 80 lots of wind turbines as you get further west
more than half not turning
the wind turbines that were turning seemed slow to me
I read that owners of wind turbines in UK were being paid to turn the wind turbines off
Anyone have a comment?
last winter the wind turbines did not work in the below freezing temperatures in Germany
very foolish to think we can rely on wind turbines for energy
we are however being asked to pay the bill on our hydro bill no benefit to consumers

Neo Conservative said...

whatever happened to that big ol' windmill down at the cne?

oh yeah... now i remember...

"Toronto’s iconic wind turbine on the edge of Lake Ontario has been brought to a grinding halt by a combination of a bearing failure and, ironically, high winds."

"The lazily spinning, three-bladed turbine at the Exhibition grounds has been frozen since mid-March. It’s the latest hiccup for the project which was launched in 2002 when 427 investors raised $800,000 to buy 8,000 shares in the 750-kilowatt generator."

"Compounding the issue was the bankruptcy of the Dutch windmill manufacturer, Lagerwey, which rendered the maintenance contract and warranty useless, said Ms. Saxe."

hey, dalton... are you listening yet?


dmorris said...

As long as any politician is allowed to siphon public finds off to his friends in industry,this sham/scam will continue.

B.C. is quietly continuing to subsidize windmills way up in the North where they're outta sight of most voters. And our Hydro companies keep demanding rate increases to pay for the power they're forced to buy from the windmill companies at triple the current rate.

We need a revolution, not another election, but we're just too damned civilized.

Neo Conservative said...

"dmorris says... As long as any politician is allowed to siphon public funds off to his friends in industry"

oh, c'mon now... that's just so cyni... wait a minute...

"Premier Dalton McGuinty is defending an untendered, $81-million contract for an energy centre built to power a casino in Windsor."

"Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who represents the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh, has come under fire in recent weeks for the soaring cost of the energy centre, which he admits came in way over budget."

and never mind "soaring"... i think the word that should be setting off alarm bells here is "untendered".

and this is just chump change... google the words mcguinty & samsung together... just make sure you have your blood-pressure meds nearby.

the liberal party of ontario... your money, their friends.