28 November 2011

Heading back home...

...after yet another unsettling trip to the Devil's Armpit.

Just got the post-surgical signoff on my recently repaired knee... seems all is as it should be. I'm told another 6 weeks I'll be tap-dancing my way out to the woodpile.

Really lousy sleep last night... probably should have spent another night at Mrs Neo's bro's... but I really just wanna be back in my cave, surrounded by my tribe.

Loaded up on caffeine & sugar at the highway rest stop, but may just find myself a secluded spot out by the big rigs and grab some safety zees. No sense tempting the gawds.

Must be gettin' old... time was I'd put myself on autopilot... damn the torpedoes and drive on.

Older AND wiser... I guess that's something.


Frances said...

And safer, too, Neo. It's not worth the risk, and all the neophytes need you back safely.