08 November 2011

What about love?

It'd make at least as much sense as the rest of these things... Occupy Toronto Zoo...

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Spencer Chandra Herbert, the B.C. New Democratic Party tourism critic, said the B.C. government still needs to explain how that passage came to be written into the guidebook. More worrisome, he added, is how far the B.C. government seems willing to go to appease China as it seeks to gain more market access to the fast-growing economy.

“From what I have seen so far, they have glossed over the human rights challenge in China and we need to address that.”
Address it... but not too closely... right?
The B.C. New Democrats have also pushed for trade with China despite its human rights record, and Mr. Chandra Herbert was careful not to criticize the government for the trade mission.
Just another confusing day in the socialist paradise that is British Columbia.


Anonymous said...

Discouraging homosexuality was also used in humans to preserve the species. I think we've preserved humanity sufficiently now, dontcha think?
In the wild, homosexuality provides a natural means of slowing population growth when it starts to exceed the limits of the local environment. More males born per female reduces the growth rate. When under more severe stress, there are fewer births, and further stress causes cannibalism.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... homosexuality provides a natural means of slowing population growth"

not in india, china or africa, it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

Presumably you are referring to the human populations of India, China and Africa. Your post was about wild birds. Humans ignore natural processes in every other area of life so it would make sense that they ignore natural limits to growth too.

Neo Conservative said...

homosexual penguins = natural limits?