23 November 2011

Ask a "professional" journalist

Property rights & self defence... oh, the horror...

"The Harper government has re-introduced legislation that expands the circumstances under which a citizen’s arrest can be made and that also aims to simplify laws related to self-defence and defence of property."
Hey, call me wacky... that sounds... especially in light of the recent David Chen fiasco... like a good thing.

I guess, though... I'm not as visionary as "professional" journalist Douglas Quan... who boldly tosses a soup├žon of post-Harper, (aka post-apocalyptic) spice into the journalistic stew...
"Some [APPARENTLY UNSPECIFIED... my emphasis] legal and security experts have expressed concerns the proposed reforms could lead to vigilantism, but the government says there are enough safeguards in place."
Really, Doug... "some" people? And they have "expertise", you say?

Would you care to elaborate... or should we just picture half-starved, trans-gendered, young offender shoplifters dangling from shopping centre lamp posts?

I swear... these days it's all about vague, unsubstantiated throw-away lines.

Do papers actually employ editors anymore?


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"What's so damned special about junkies that they merit the equivalent of a taxpayer funded drunk drivers' lane with rescue teams at the ready?"


Anonymous said...

No such animal - Professional Journalist?
You have to be kidding, who takes any of them seriously?

RJ65 said...

Journalism is pretty well dead as a profession. When a writer wants to express an opinion he/she can just make up a "source", and then hide behind their source protection legislation.

Neo Conservative said...

objectivity certainly seems to be a thing of the past... replaced by "gotcha" politics and outright smears.

there are still actual writers out there... witness licia corbella & mark steyn.

i truly don't understand, though... how supposed professionals can just toss stuff out there without providing attribution. talk about phoning it in.

i'm guessing these are the generation of kids who were put up on pedestals by their helicopter parents & got trophies for "participation".

as pj o'rourke is wont to say... "i need to see the logic AND the lab equipment".


Frances said...

You can add Adrian McNair (Unambiguously Ambidexterous) to that list - he's working very dilligently at becoming a good journalist.

Neo Conservative said...

george orwell called this one decades ago... in our modern world... war is, indeed... peace.

and it invades every aspect of our lives...

The luxury car maker's take is that it's about the story being told, not the location of the shoot: "The commercial tells the story of how the simple elements of our upbringing can help explain who we are, where we're going and serve as a source of inspiration to achieve our goals in life.

"One does not need to be in a specific location to be inspired or continue to be inspired."

just keepin' it, uh... sorta real.


Anonymous said...

He has his head so far up the liberal party's ass that they better slap an oxygen mask on his ass so he can breathe.

That's where he finds his 'experts'.