04 November 2011

But, of course... you say Catholicism...

...the first word that comes to mind... is flexibility...

"Trudeau added that neither he nor his father saw any incongruity between enshrining the rights of gays and lesbians, for example, and the tenets of Catholicism."

"He notes that he is personally very opposed to abortion, but still believes nobody can tell a woman what she should do with her body."
Well, Justin... I know a guy named Ratzinger who might just choose to disagree.

The thing is, I couldn't actually give a rat's patootie about Justin's religious bent. I am a little concerned, however... about his profligate Liberal ways...
"The highest-spending MP with the smallest riding by area in Canada was Liberal Justin Trudeau. He represents the Montreal riding of Papineau, just 9 square kilometres with 70,115 electors. He spent $445,566.97 — or $6.35 per voter, or $49,507 per square kilometre."
Now, unless I'm mistaken, Papineau is one of Quebec's, if not Canada's... less well-off ridings.

Unless he was buying everybody snacks... I'm gonna call bullshit on Justin's supposed eligibility for sainthood.

Wake up, folks... and smell the professional political class.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that if every person who was gay, or supported gay rights, or used birth control or supported a womans right to use birth control, or had an abortion, or supported a womans right to have an abortion were kicked out of the church that there would be alot of real estate for sale. The church could hold their services in a garden shed.

Neo Conservative said...

it's been a while (decades, in fact) since i considered myself a catholic in good standing... but as far as i am aware the church & pope ben have yet to officially embrace either homosexuality or abortion.

didn't papa pierre also have a late-life child with a much younger woman outside the sanctity of holy wedlock?

that sure doesn't sound like (we can address the priests preying on altar boy hypocrisy separately) the roman catholicism i was brought up in.

maybe justin goes to some groovy new quebec catholic splinter-group/schism that makes it up as they go along?


Sean M said...

Perhaps Turdo jr will become a homosexual activist, like his "catholic" father.

Neo Conservative said...

a "homosexual activist"... i must have missed that.

as i recall... the man's whole personal mythology was based on his rampant, unapologetic pursuit of the fairer sex.


Sean M said...

Yes, i am aware of the myths surrounding fancy pants Pierre, the great law giver. I was using the same "homosexual activist" reference as the Queer Hall of Fame out here in Vancouver used when Turdo was the first politician inducted.

joseph said...

Its so simple isn't it?
The young prince is just shilling the liberal mantra that rules and obligations of faith are either up for negotiation, or can be shelved when inconvenient. Rules and bargaining in good faith, well thats for conservatives...they are sooo unbending and "uncompromising".
This is just part of Justin's unofficial leadership campaign. Right now he's trying to define himself as the reasonable one, telling the assembled massses that its time for a reasonable debate on issue "x", and that liberals like himself are all about the middle ground. The reality is that he, along with a compliant press, is in the process of insulating any future attacks on his personal beliefs such that if something inconvenient from his past comes up, he can like his father look down his nose and go "tut tut, this is hardly relevant to the debate, your just being unreasonable".
Right now Rae has only one mission, keep the liberal name in the press by any means. That includes meeting with the occupiers even if the meeting goes sour, or walking out on parliamentary votes, which leaves Justin to look all noble and separate from the pack.
He says he's not interested in being leader, but when has anyone with leadership ambitions in the liberal party done anything above board.
Like father like son.
The point is that when the young prince makes an obviously contridictory statement like this he should be called on it, just as Delmastro(sp?) did. The fact the media is casting dispersions not on the young prince, but on the conservative MP, tells me they have already drank the Trudeau koolaid.
BTW - If Justin said he was infavour of merging the LPC and the NDP, the media would be falling over themselves trying to outdo each other promoting the idea.

Dollops said...

First commenter, Catholic and other Christian congregations welcome everyone into the Church because that is what we are called to do. In every church service we confess aloud that we sin, and we ask for guidance and support to lead us away from sin. Sin, BTW, is any and all acts and thoughts which are harmful to self, to others with whom we have contact, and to civilised society. There is logic and wisdom in mere Christianity - all who consider it with open mind come to respect it, some even to believe.

Neo Conservative said...

this isn't about religion, folks... it's about saint pierre's heir transparent cloaking himself in a made up version of catholicism.

that's the morally relativistic world we apparently now live in... where there is no right & wrong... you just make shit up as you go.

there are, fortunately, some parts of this great nation that have not been totally oprah-fied... pack up your bags and move before it's too late.