19 November 2011


Hey, c'mon now... he jiggled the damn rope...

Hamed was urging them to make a U-turn so they could return to the motel, when all of a sudden the car went into the water, he said. So he sounded the horn of the Lexus, then got a rope.

"I put the rope a few times in the water ... nothing happened," Hamed said. "I moved it a little bit to see if they take it."
Well, you certainly can't ask for a more heroic effort than that.
After receiving no response to the jiggling rope, Hamed got in his car and left, driving through the night to Montreal, about three hours away.

He didn't call police or tell his parents because he thought he would get in trouble for allowing Zainab to drive.
I can only hope the systemically racist Canadian justice system is getting poor Hamed counselling for his traumatic experience here.


Frances said...

Is Hamed being set up to take the fall?

Anonymous said...

John 11:35 "Jesus Wept"
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

The more I hear about these sick twisted bastards the more I want
Capital Punishment reinstated. They want to be heroes for defending the family honor . Lets accommodate them.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... Is Hamed being set up to take the fall?"

yup... and strangely & fittingly enough... he's being convicted by his own outrageous testimony.

and, frances... if there is a gawd, ol' hamed will end up being the personal manservant/concubine to a sociopathic biker named thor for the next couple of decades.

hey, hammy... where's yer honour now?