06 November 2011

Whatever happened to...

"...if it only saves a single life"...

"Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has taken a largely hands-off approach to the Occupy movement, hoping it comes to a close on its own - but he has publicly mulled over the possibility of using safety concerns as a means to call for the camp to disband."
Geez, Gregor... is it possible "mulling" & "hoping" isn't what this particular situation calls for?what could possibly go wrongWell, whatever else you might say about the protesters... they're resilient.
"In spite of the investigation on site, veteran Vancouver punk band DOA played a scheduled concert at Occupy Vancouver on Saturday evening."

UPDATE: Scratch a lefty... find a raving loon
"After a couple of frustrating social media hours last night, attempting to reach the mass of brainwashed corporate media junkies, I began to wonder if it wasn't all just a big set up."

"What if the authorities knowingly allowed tainted heroin to enter the camp? Wouldn't that be a convenient turn of events. Some idiot called me a bitch, and I logged out."
Sure, Peace Moonbeam... it must've been, what... Mayor Robertson's heroin connection?

I'm surprised you didn't try to blame Stephen Harper.


Anonymous said...

"The road goes on forever, and the party never ends"
Pretty good honky-tonk song, but the occupiers are having a concert after that young woman overdosed.
Guess they will get their protest back on tomorrow.
If it ain't rainin' or they can score some more good ganja.
Time to clean up the mess looking like a refugee camp in whatever-stan.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

DOA playing while a DOA investigation is ongoing?
You can't make this stuff up.

maryT said...

Maybe the mayor was waiting for Soros to tell him what to do, as he is a big wig in Canadian Tides foundation.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... DOA playing while a DOA investigation is ongoing?
You can't make this stuff up."

and her confreres in activism will remember her fondly... at least until the band starts playing...

""She was the coolest girl in the world," he told The Globe over the phone. "She was so caring, giving and generous."

yeah, gomer... i'm sure that's gonna be a lot of comfort to her parents.

shut this thing down before anybody else dies.


Frances said...

If it's as big a mess as is being reported, surely it's a health hazard and should be shut down just like a dirty restaurant. I hear tell rats - four-legged variety - have moved in.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... surely it's a health hazard and should be shut down"

apparently, there's never a safe-shooting gallery around when you really need one...

"The 20-year-old woman was found unresponsive in a tent at the site in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Saturday afternoon, two days after a man suffered a non-fatal overdose at the encampment."

the 99%?

i don't think so.


Jen said...

I say, build a wall around them with police standing outside at four corners. Give them occupiers their drug dealers, the judge, libby davies, incite clinics with a few disgruntled nurses, the media, the unions let all live happily.

In the meantime, the hard working canadians will live in peace.

Nancy said...

Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Three and a Half Days :
if you can view this video on YouTube - you may like what he say... he talks about what he would do with the Occupy protestors