11 November 2011

Not any "99 percent" I'm familiar with

Oh my gawd... violent, disease-ridden Tea party demonstra... wait a minute...

The city closed half of City Hall Park and put a halt to all camping at the Occupy Burlington site Thursday night while police investigate a shooting in a tent that cost a 35-year-old man his life.
Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, contagion continues to spread...
A homeless shelter that has been housing more than 100 "Occupy Atlanta" protesters has tested positive for tuberculosis, WGCL-TV reported Thursday.

At least two people at the Atlanta shelter have contracted the air-borne disease, a highly contagious bacterial infection that affects the lungs and other organs.

"One of these persons was confirmed to have a strain of TB that is resistant to a single, standard medication."
And over in sunny Lotus Land...
The Oakland killing is further straining relations between local officials and anti-Wall Street protesters.
Yup... apparently the pestilence & death is also spreading north of the border.

An interesting contrast to solemn crowds of veterans in their late eighties standing at attention for hours in zero degree weather to pay tribute to their fallen comrades.

I know who my 99% are.


UPDATE: Darwin was right

I'm beginning to rethink shutting down these protests...
-- SALT LAKE CITY -- A dead body was found in a tent at Pioneer Park Friday morning.

The body was identified as a male member of the Occupy SLC group, but Salt Lake City police officers are saying it is not suspicious, but the cause is unknown.
We just leave 'em alone over the winter... Mother Nature & Mother Malthus will thin out the herd.


Jen said...

Bring in -40degrees deep in snow weather in the camp alone while the true 99.9% hard working canadians enjoy the + sign weather.

There is always unionist Sid Ryan

Pissedoff said...

As long as the dumb Canadian pols don't decide to build a highway of heroes for them.

Neo Conservative said...

they're already being beatified in the media... even the dumb bunnies who manage to kill themselves.