07 November 2011

Behold the inevitable result...

...of putting national pride on the back burner...

Four suspects were caught on camera vandalizing a war memorial in front of a Toronto school, the principal said Monday after the cenotaph was damaged ahead of Remembrance Day for the second straight year.

Toronto District School Board officials said four young men vandalized a First World War memorial in front of Malvern Collegiate, near Gerrard Street E. & Main Street, on Sunday.

"For me there is a certain arrogant contempt for the community when these young men could come and with such casual consideration decide what they were going to do, do it and then take pictures of themselves defacing the monument."
Ah yes, Toronto... that preening bastion of Liberal values.

Hey, CTV... you forgot to show us the videotape.


"They also don't want vigilantes like yourself executing these idiots for destroying property."
Just another nugget from the genius who sends me a dozen "Heil Harper" emails every week.


obituary said...

bring back the lash

Neo Conservative said...

i'm not sure, even with corporal punishment... you can cure stupid.


obituary said...

But you can scare the shit out of them. Does this happen in Singapore? NO.

Neo Conservative said...

"obituary says... scare the shit out of them"

by doing what... hang 'em out a window by their ankles... waterboarding... make 'em listen to non-stop ignatieff speeches?

and i have to ask... you'd choose singapore over canada?


hey, here's a thought... how about we use the video to identify, arrest... and have them punished under canadian law.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'd let Canadian "law" deal with them, but I just learned last night that someone convicted of first degree murder of a 16 year old girl will be getting out after 16 years (of a 25 year "life" sentence").

So these brats will probably get a small fine their parents will pay, and we'll never know who they are anyway. In short, they won't learn a damn thing, and live large on the street cred their equally slacker friends will give them.

Bring back the stocks: name and shame 'em. Put the video on YouTube where it will live forever...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Bring back the stocks: name and shame 'em."

well, again... there's your wish list... and there's reality.

don't get me wrong, i've ranted plenty myself. unfortunately, the actual answer here is to work to change the existing system (as in stephen harper's new crime bill)... not to return to a regime of feudal punishments.