05 November 2011

Goodbye Farmer Bob Rifle Registry

But, but, but... you're not cracking down on farmers, hunters and those dastardly skeet shooters... how on earth you gonna solve the scourge of urban handgun crime?oops... i did it againJust another day in paradise.

You ever wonder how many front line police officers we could have hired with 2 billion taxpayer dollars?


UPDATE: Bright lights, big city...

"Toronto Police are looking for a suspect following a shooting in the city's west end early Sunday morning."

"Police said a man in his 20s was shot twice in the leg during an altercation near Dundas Street West and Euclid Avenue at around 4:30 a.m."

LAST WORD: Here's a thought...

...how about we start registering sociopaths?


Roy Elsworth said...

not only that both those people I bet weren't shot with a rifle either. they were shot I bet with hand guns.

Anonymous said...

You ever wonder how much cheaper the firearms registry will be to operate when it has a bunch of records removed from the database? It will still exist, unless you support scrapping it entirely. Do you?

oxygentax said...

Rough guess, but I'm going to say 1500 more officers.

Jen said...

According to the opposition "keeping the LGR saves lives" how?

Before the fact or after the fact?

Fenris Badwulf said...

How many homeless meals could have been served with two billion dinars? How many diapers for toilet untrained Canadians?

Dollops said...

How many arctic island oubliettes for habitual and unrepentant criminals?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny, yet again, bleats... It will still exist, unless you support scrapping it entirely. Do you?"

no nonny... it's the the farmer bob rifle registry that will cease to exist. handguns will not be affected. and that is as it should be.

unregistered (and for the most part, stolen smuggled) handguns... the weapon of choice for violent thugs... have been both restricted & required registration for decades before i was even born.

any firearms i have ever owned have been legally registered. as i have indicated here on more than one occasion, i'm perfectly content with that system. you will still have to have a firearms certificate to buy & possess a rifle which entails both training & certification.

the fact is, though... it isn't law-abiding citizens with legally registered guns who are shooting up major urban centres... is it?

and, like stephen harper, i support bringing down the full weight of the judicial system on anyone caught with illegal guns.

what reasonable person could oppose that... oh, wait... it's the liberal party and their retarded little brother, the ndp.

you really believe that taking varmint guns away from farmers... or duck hunter's shotguns... or melting down a world war 2 veterans's gun collection... will do away with urban handgun violence?



FREE said...

as far as I am concerned they can register and license it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

Neo Conservative said...

"free says... when they pry it from my cold dead fingers."

are you even a gun owner?

a statement like this is a nice little piece of street theatre... but when the fireams inspection guy rolls up and asks to inspect your gun storage... you're prepared to, what... shoot him?

i think the conservatives have handled this just right... getting rid of the costly ineffectual, half-baked long-gun registry... while retaining the more restrictive handgun regs from the 1930s.

the fact is, anybody, outside of a peace officer, caught outside their home or a gun range with a handgun, is subject to the full weight of the law.

i think we can leave the duck hunters and the skeet shooters alone for right now.