27 November 2011

So one minute... we're all being forced...

...to use food banks and sleep under bridges... and then, suddenly... nay, miraculously...
more fairy tales debunkedHere's a question, folks... do any of you actually know... and I mean personally... any of the self-named "99 percenters" who are camped out at these gaudy victimfests?

Do these incoherent, unwashed protestors huddled around the "sacred fire" huffing taxpayer subsidised medical marijuana truly represent your interests... or is it just the same, tired ol' demographic of "professional" loudmouths who turn up to smash windows, burn a few police cars and provide the same over-rehearsed soundbites to the same gullible "journalistas"?

It sure doesn't stop the MSM from buying into all of their specious arguments, does it?

I mean... are we all going down the financial shitter... or trampling fellow shoppers in a mad rush to satiate our evil inner-capitalist? Which is it... Tickle-Me Elmo... or pass the goddamn syringe?

I wish Peter & Lisa and David Suzuki would make up their minds... because they can't have it both ways... unless we let them.


L said...

Ha- ha ha Never was so much press coverage given to a cause about nothing ... except perhaps the fake terrorist torture and, of course, CBC's coverage of Brian Mulronys's brown envelopes.

Patsplace said...

I think the lefties in the Camp Out crowd as well as the professional demonstrators in the Union crowd are hoping for violence to advertise their plight. It is sure getting tiresome.

Neo Conservative said...

it seems just about all of the coverage by today's media is about generating buzz... hence, revenue.

no matter that there is no logical or objective point of view.

no wonder jon stewart & stephen colbert are so popular... you might as well get a few laughs while you absorb the bs.