30 November 2011

I think what we really need... is a...

...24 hour archeology channel...

The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project aims to – in three years time – map 14 square kilometres of the Stonehenge Landscape using the latest geophysical imaging techniques, 'virtually excavating' Salisbury Plain.

They'll then recreate visually the iconic prehistoric monument and its surroundings as it was in the third millennium BC.
Less "Little Mosque on the Prairie"... more "Time Team", please.


Rich said...

There should be a warning label screen at the start of Time Team alerting the viewer to the certainty of being hooked after just one show.
It's as addictive as crack.

Iain said...

I couldn't agree more. BTW, like your blog and read it all the time.

Neo Conservative said...

there was a north american version of time team, but it just didn't have the same appeal.

not sure why.

i look at some of the nonsense on television these days... ie., the mis-labelled "reality" shows... and wonder what sort of moron actually watches any of them. they all basically come down to one tenet... humiliating some dim bulb who imagines he's gonna be an international superstar.

it's tv for frustrated playground bullies. probably the same folks who waste their money on miracle face creams & breathe-rite nasal strips.

still... it's a free country... and it does keep them all off the streets.