16 November 2011

Hope, Change and...

...can you help a brutha out?

-- WASHINGTON DC -- The Obama administration, which gave the solar company Solyndra a half-billion-dollar loan to help create jobs, asked the company to delay announcing it would lay off workers until after the hotly contested November 2010 midterm elections that imperiled Democratic control of Congress, newly released e-mails show.
But, but, but... isn't he McDreamy?


maryT said...

Another green idiot also got millions in bailouts, that Kennedy guy that comes to ski in AB and diss our oilsands.

Jen said...

He is the american god.

syncrodox said...

Solyndra is only the tip of the cash berg. Robert Kennedy Jr.'s greeny outfit got $1.4 billion and on and on...


Neo Conservative said...

you just have to say the word "green" and you get all sorts of corporate eco-points these days.

neophyte showed me some package the other day which had a wreath of plant-type greenery ringing the box... but absolutely no mention of what exactly was involved.

it obviously works... in these tight financial times you don't spend money on new packaging without a solid financial return... but it was fluff... it didn't give any specifics whatsoever.

the sad fact is, most people are sheep.

so while obama cloaks himself in the hopey-changey mist... it's the same old thing behind the scenes... and the sheeple just gobble it up.