26 April 2011

So, lemme see... a Harper majority, or...

...holy hemp butter... Finance Minister Olivia Chow?!?!?remember bob rae
-- OTTAWA -- Under that scenario, the NDP would still come in second in seat count to the Conservatives, but the support of the third-place Liberals would give Mr. Layton a working majority in the House of Commons.

“We’re in terra incognita here,” EKOS president Frank Graves said.
jacko & companyWhoa, whoa, Franko... pump the brakes.

I'm just trying to get my mind around an NDP cabinet... or, gawds forbid... what the military might look like under Governor-General Libby Davies. That's not terra incognita, my friend... that's terra psychedelia.

But okay... let's... just for a moment... abandon reason and imagine that Jack Layton performs a country-wide Vulcan mind-meld and gets these hundred mythical seats.

I imagine that'd be enough to send Count Ignatieff running for the U.S. border. Hmmm... and that would probably be enough to put Iggy's ol' college roomie, Commie Bob, in the drivers seat on the Big Red Bus.

So that fairy-tale Coalition thing... that could actually happen?

Well, I'm thinkin'... not in this version of the multi-verse.

As always, though... get out there and cast your vote, folks... or, however this thing shakes out... this one's on you.


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...who's gonna pay for that stuff?
-- VANCOUVER, BC -- "Taxes have grown over the past 49 years to the point that government is now the largest expenditure facing a family," said Niels Veldhuis, Fraser Institute senior economist and co-author of the Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2011.
Scratch a Dipper... find a hypocritical carpet-bagger...
"Last year, Chow claimed $530,000 in expenses, Layton claimed $629,000."