25 April 2011

"The Liberals use the 30-second clip..."

"...to attack the NDP on a variety of issues: Inexperience, nonsensical economic policies and, intriguingly, not being principled on the long-gun registry vote."

"So, apparently, the Liberal Party of Canada, God’s gift to democracy, consider allowing free votes in Parliament to be … unprincipled."

"Good thing they’re here to make Parliament work and counter the Tories’ disrespect for our democracy."

During the English-language debate, the NDP Leader landed what some are calling a knock-out punch when he accused Mr. Ignatieff of having the “worst attendance record in the House of Commons of any member of Parliament.”

“If you want to be prime minister, you’d better learn how to be a member of Parliament first,” Mr. Layton charged. “You know, most Canadians, if they don’t show up for work, they don’t get a promotion. You missed 70 per cent of the votes.”

LAST WORD: Deck chairs... Titanic
"In Mr. Chr├ętien’s era, Ontario was the pathway to Liberal majorities. Now, Mr. Ignatieff will work frantically to prevent it from being the pathway to a Conservative one."