21 April 2011

More rainbows & unicorn farts...

...from the folks who were looking to make Elizabeth May a Senator...
Indeed, the NDP’s traditional role is that of “social conscience,” prompting a discussion of issues that would otherwise be ignored by the two major parties. Jack Layton thus has carte blanche to promise a chicken in every pot, or pot in every chicken, if NDP members are so inclined.

In this election, however, that is no longer true. Should the Liberals cobble together a coalition government after the votes are counted, NDP members would be elevated from conscience-keepers to cabinet colleagues.
And remember, Michael... if they'll do it with you... they'll do it to you.
A Liberal-NDP coalition government would likely be an unstable, left-leaning mess which would last less than a year before collapsing and plunging the country into another election.
Yet another 300 million dollar election?

That's just what we need.