29 April 2011

"Picture an NDP minority government..."

"...swollen with dozens of inexperienced and wide-eyed MPs – some of them recruited from university campuses and NDP youth groups because they thought campaigning would be a hoot, and be over before they had to start their summer jobs — trying to put together a cabinet and a governing program while desperately pleading for ongoing support from a tired, angry and disillusioned Liberal rump, sharpening the knives for yet another leadership vote."

"That could be Canada’s government."

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...just get what you wish for...
From the day he arrived in politics as a shaggy-looking Toronto city councillor in 1982, Layton's had a free pass from the media, in part because his message resonates better with political journalists, who tend to be more left-wing than the public.

But because Layton's chances of governing have always ranged between remote and zero, the fringe-thinking guy is simply not held to the same policy or even personal standards as those who are more likely to govern us.

LAST WORD: Iggy's broken record...
“And what was I doing? Reaching out to the base. I was seeking out the base. We worked hard under the radar to mobilize our base with all the modern techniques. I've spent a year-and-a-half on that bus. A year-and-a-half on open-mike town halls. What was that about? It was to get the base back. It’s to get the base back. That’s what those rooms are telling you — the vote, the base is back. We’ve had a whole operation under the radar for a very long time to get that base out.”
C'mon laddie... spit it out.