09 April 2011

You'll have to forgive them...

...they're just a little unclear on the concept... democracy, that is.


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"Syrian security forces opened fire on mourners near a mosque in the flashpoint city of Deraa after a mass funeral for pro-democracy protesters."

"Dozens of people have been killed in a wave of protests across Syria against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad."

"A Syrian rights group said at least 37 people had been killed in protests across the country on Friday."

"After a long absence, your alter ego is posting in your name over at Alberta Aardvark. Says you will stay home and not vote."

"I posted a comment, but first asked, is that you Neo or your alter ego."
Posted by maryT to halls of macadamia at 6:57 PM, April 09, 2011
Yup, Mary... no surprise there.

The cowardly, dishonest left... it's how they play the game.