08 April 2011

Obviously, the left hand hasn't a clue...

...what the other lefter hand is doing...
"Mark Holland, announced that a Liberal government would not undo any Tory legislation passed to date. It was an attempt to dispel Conservative charges that Mr. Holland’s party is soft on crime."

"Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff later contradicted Mr. Holland, and is making no promises to preserve Conservative laws already passed."
Not to get all nit-picky here, Michael... but don't you mean... "laws already passed"... by the minority Conservative government... with the support in Parliament... of the Liberal & NDP opposition parties?

Fortunately... there's a logical alternative to the "Can't get there from here" party...harper majorityHmmm... that sounds interesting...
There are 11 Conservative justice bills that Parliament did not pass before the Harper government was defeated March 25. Together, these bills would:

» Crack down on organized drug crime;

» End house arrest for serious and violent criminals;

» End house arrest for serious personal injury offences such as sexual assault;

» Eliminate pardons for serious criminals;

» Establish tougher sentences and mandatory jail time for sexual offences against children;

» Strengthen the handling of violent and repeat young offenders (S├ębastien’s Law);

» Give law enforcement and national security agencies up-to-date tools to fight crime in today’s high-tech telecommunications environment;

» Give the government more discretion when considering requests to transfer Canadian prisoners to Canada from other countries;

» Provide police and the courts more tools to investigate and prevent terrorism;

» Allow victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators and supporters of terrorism in Canadian courts;

» And streamline long and complex trials.

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