20 April 2011

What Canadians can expect...

...for their 300 million dollar Iggy-engineered election...
finance minister duceppeThe fact is, the only reason we're going to the polls now... is Iggy and his coalition buddies setting up that initial vote of non-confidence. Now he tells us... election be damned... he gets a chance, he'll do it again.

So there it is, folks... from the Leader of the Opposition's own mouth... unless there's a Conservative majority... stand by for Prime Minister Ignatieff. And given the "show me yours, I'll show you mine" nature of politics... is it that far a stretch to imagine Defense Minister Chow... or, gawd forbid, Finance Minister Duceppe?

Steve Janke has more...
"After that, the platforms will be combined as well. Whatever you think you were voting for, forget about it. The Liberal platform be put on the table along with the NDP platform, subject to horse-trading as Michael Ignatieff figures out what price he'll have to pay for Jack Layton's support."

"And talking about paying, in all likelihood the combined seat count of the Liberals-NDP coalition twosome will not be larger than the Conservative caucus, so the Bloc Quebecois will have to be on board with this. And they won't come cheap."

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The question now is whether Mr. Ignatieff’s words will create the same level of alarm that attended the failed 2008 attempt by the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition government, or whether Canadians will embrace the highly unusual scenario of a party forming government weeks after finishing second in the polls.
Remember... friends don't let friends vote Coalition.