30 November 2008

"Though this be madness..."

"...yet there is method in't."

The New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois held talks to form a coalition party well before the opposition's uproar over the government's fiscal update, CTV News has learned.

NDP Leader Jack Layton was in talks with Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe for a "considerable period of time," reported CTV's Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife on Sunday.
Well... isn't that special... looks like Taliban Jack has been plotting with the Separatistes for some time now...
According to the audio tape, Layton appears to take credit for the possibility of a coalition.

"Let's just say we have strategies. This whole thing would not have happened if the moves hadn't been made with the Bloc a long time ago and locked them in early," Layton says.

"Because, you couldn't put three people together in one or three hours. The first part was done a long time ago."
So much for looking out for the interests of Canadians.


"If people thought too much of their money was going to Quebec before..."
"I'd like to know how Layton is ever going to be able to live down the fact that he conspired to bring down the elected gov't (of all 6 weeks or so) BEFORE it had any chance to introduce substantive legislation proposals."

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langmann said...

If people thought too much of their money was going to Quebec before...

Rich said...

So much for wanting to make parliament work eh Jack you duplicitous scum.
This is conspiracy which has now been proven to be a naked power grab.
If they cause the gov't to fail, the GG shopuld be looking long and hard at the motivation of the 'loyal' members of parliament first before making any decision.
The case that the parties only reacted to Flaherty's budget is gone for good.

Anonymous said...

I hope we find out who made that recording...sketch...

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps these dumbstick conspirators should consider the adulterers credo... "if they'll do it with you... they'll do it to you".


mahmood said...

Well that explains why Tabby Jack hasn't been in Kabul negotiating peace with Mullah Omar...he's been a busy little boy negotiating a coup/deal with the separatist's...oh, wouldn't it be swell to see the fine print on this sales receipt?

Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood says... he's been a busy little boy negotiating a coup/deal"

i've got it... this must be "the third way" ol' jacko was always blithering on about.


Bocanut said...

So Jackal sat around the kitchen table plotting with seperatists for the good of ordinary hard working Canadian families.
I wonder what his hero Obama would say?

Anonymous said...

Considering that Duceppe was a marxist in the past, and Layton is definitely a socialist, is this a new Russian Revolution a la 1917?

What is it with these Lefties that need to gain power by over throwing government?

What arrogance that they know best!!!

Gerry from Toronto

Rich said...

I'd like to know how Layton is ever going to be able to live down the fact that he conspired to bring down the elected gov't (of all 6 weeks or so) BEFORE it had any chance to introduce substantive legislation proposals.
He has flipped the bird to the Canadian voters.
Also, let him never use the words 'open and transparent' again; he has foreited that right.

rabbit said...

Duceppe was a member of the Workers Communist Party of Canada in his youth. This party, according to Wikipedia, followed a Maoist political program.

Mao is responsible for some of the greatest human rights atrocities of the 20'th century. Tens of millions Chinese died during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Throught shear body count, Mao leaves competing monsters such as Hitler and Stalin in his wake.

Now if someone was a Nazi during his youth, that person would never make it in politics. He would be denounced and ostracized by all.

Why then do we tolerate a former Maoist? Do Chinese lives not count?

And why would Dion or Layton ever consider getting into bed with this guy?

wilson said...

anon says:
I hope we find out who made that recording

Did we ever find out who recorded the Gary Ritz tape during the listeriosous crisis?

Neo Conservative said...

"rabbit asks... Why then do we tolerate a former Maoist?"

see, that's the thing... WE don't.

apparently though... a good part of the population of quebec... and taliban jacko... do.


Powell lucas said...

Who gives a damn that Layton got caught selling out the country. it seems the Conservatives were willing to make kissy-kissy with the BQ when they thought they could pull off their own coup and overthrow Martin. When Charles Colson said he would run over his own grandmother to see Richard Nixon elected, I thought that was the epitome of political sliminess. I was wrong.
Each and every one of the party leaders in this poor, forsaken nation has demonstrated that would sacrifice their principles, their country, and probably their families just to grab the levers of power. What a bunch of disgusting, low-life, scum these people are. They're no better than a serial rapist. I made the mistake of voting Conservative during the last election. Never again! Nor will I vote for any of these underhanded, double-dealing, immoral scum bags. And then people wonder why today's generation seems to lack a moral compass. look to the hallowed halls of Parliament to see why.

Anonymous said...

Saw Global National. The push continues. The MSM massaging/conditioning the public to except the so-called coalition, with a professor saying that the bad optics can be managed and they could govern for a year or two until it's time for an election anyway. I suspect the MSM is soon going to run stories from the past of how Canadians have an affinity for Duceppe. Anything it takes to topple the CPoC it seems.

wilson said...

'it seems the Conservatives were willing to make kissy-kissy with the BQ when they thought they could pull off their own coup and overthrow Martin.'

In 2004, wasn't there some kind of investigation into widespread corruption in the Liberal party, charges pending?.......ADSCAM

Scandal of the century, corruption thru out the governing party, Liberal party admited and returned 'some' of the millions of stole taxpayer money,
following a 13 year reign

and that compares to a 45 day old government, with an increased mandate, exposing a coup

yah, right

Rich said...

From Layton's phone coversation-
I urge you read it all at :-


Some interesting Layton quotes-
"What we really want is just to get Harper out and get the new group in because it’s going to be a hell of a lot better for everything we believe in, correct?"
(So presumably this was THE goal when
coalition talks first began....again working against a gov't that was all of 6 weeks old.....that is a giant FU to the voters Jacko)

"the majority of Canadians voted to go in a different direction than Harper’s taking us, you can’t trust him, no matter anything, throw him out. What about the legitimacy of the democratic process, yeah, what about it? He was given a minority, and he refused to work with the other parties, he had 38% of the vote and he’s trying to govern like he had 100% of the power, he’s the one who’s got democracy wrong, not us."
(What the hell....in far less than 6 weeks your 'impression' was formed?)

"And I’ll just say one other thing about the issue of the Bloc: nothing could be better for our country, than to have the fifty members who’ve been elected to separate Quebec to actually helping to make Canada a better place."
(Nothing could be BETTER for the country??? Horse manure is still horse manure now matter how you try and sell it and no matter who has been rolling with you in that pile.)

Another dipper speaks later-
"what’s confidential is strategy, the discussion, details, the speculation about the other parties and their motivation and what they will or they won’t do, we should not talk at all about war rooms, or campaigns in that sense." ( yeah....really transparent!)

In the rest of the conversation you will read that they have NO CLUE as to the nature of the stimulus package that they will propose.

The reality is that they were conspiring like break in artists well before there was any government update.
They were conspiring to actively subvert the will of the electorate and suborn the functioning of parliament IMHO.

Rich said...

My error...place "destroy" in place of "suborn"

Neo Conservative said...

"powell lucas says... Who gives a damn that Layton got caught selling out the country?"

well, powell... that'd be me.


Anonymous said...

Where are the polling firms in all this? I remember November of 2005 when they and the MSM saturated the airwaves with angry Canadians not wanting to see the Martin gov't toppled. Over and over again they tried to keep the Martin Liberals in power, even going so far as to say that they'd like to wait for Gomery 2 before passing judgment, even though they knew full well that the second report would offer nothing new that it would only offer recommendations to prevent another Adscam.

Are they doing the same here? Are Canadians being asked if they'd like to see a coalition gov't propped up by separatists? Don't bet on it.

Rich said...

Now we have even more reason for naming Layton "Taliban Jack". ptu