19 April 2011

Why wait for May 2... when Special K...

...can simply look, yet again, into his crystal ball...
First off, the Liberals and the NDP had a shot at working together, about two years ago, but they blew it. The forces of the Left allowed themselves to be scared away off of cooperation/ coalition/ merger by Harper – despite the fact that Harper himself had brought together the forces of the Right, and then won government.

Secondly, Michael Ignatieff feels more comfortable among Rosedalian Liberals. You know, the ones who – over martinis at the Toronto Tennis Club – always felt more kinship with the likes of John Turner or Paul Martin than they did with, say, Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien. You know, Liberal lefties who win elections.

Thirdly, Iggy and his Rosedalian senior staff thought they could ignore Jack Layton’s NDP. By becoming a paler shade of blue, they assured themselves, they’d win back government. Thus, the Liberal chief was more hawkish than Harper on Afghanistan, more enthusiastic about the Oil Sands, and more willing to look at Medicare “alternatives” than any Liberal ever should. In so doing, Iggy scared away soft NDP voters, all of whom now consider Iggy to be a paler version of Harper.

What’s the solution for the Left? Same as it was two years ago: listen to smart guys like Chretien, Ed Broadbent, Roy Romanow, and bring together progressives to form a single, formidable political force.

That’s how to beat Harper.

The good news, I suppose, is that those of us on the political left will now have four long years to get our act together.
Oh, buddy... we feel your pain...
I want it back the way it used to be
Now there's a cloud that's hangin' over me
We've all been led astray
We need someone to light the way

...One who delivers all he promises
One who'll convince the doubting Thomas'
Fill out the questionnaire
We're in state of disrepair

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