20 April 2011

I blame Marvel Comics

The eminently forseeable consequences of... NOT ACTUALLY BEING... one of the X-men...
“With the training and the confidence that comes with it, I’m sure he probably thought he could overpower the gunman.” --
Of course, that should actually be gunmen... as in two of them.

Let me say that again... two armed thugs.

Now I don't care how strong your kung-fu is... fists against multiple armed assailants... that's a Jackie Chan movie... a crazy fantasy... a way to get yourself killed.

Which is why, folks... virtually every city in North America (even Belleville, Ontario, population 45,000) has special heavily-armed & armoured "tactical teams" that deal with situations like this.
A witness told him dozens of people were in the restaurant and they could have been hurt or killed if his brother hadn’t intervened.
While I realise Kearn Nedd's family has to try make sense of this tragic event, the cold, hard fact is... no cop worth his years of training would have, even for a second, considered jumping an armed thug in a room full of innocent bystanders... never mind there's a second armed hostile watching the first guy's back.

Even a trained shooter would have been flippin' a cosmic coin trying to instantly disable two armed men. The fact is... an adrenaline soaked situation like this... two armed sociopaths with not a shred of gun discipline or restraint between them... it's a miracle there was only one KIA.

So... I'm sorry to upset the fuzzy-bunny narrative, here... but had Mr. Nedd simply sat & watched these assholes take off a stupid card game... he would still be alive today.

He wasn't a hero... he was a runaway train.

What a tragic, useless waste of a life.