06 April 2011

Yet another Jane Taber tongue bath...

...must be Tuesday...

no personal attacks, huh?Yeah, Janie... Stephen Harper & Jimmy Hoffa... it's like they were separated at birth...
"Mr. Ignatieff wasted no time calling out Mr. Harper for his campaign’s treatment of a young woman who tried to attend a Conservative rally in London but was thrown out by “two big goons” because she has Liberal friends on Facebook."
So, Michael... I'm confused... what happened to the guy who was whingin' & whinin' about those nasty Neocons and their hurtful personal attacks?

Nah... forget about that... it's way more fun just to paint the Conservatives as the latest incarnation of the KKK. You really think Ms. Aslam was asked to leave because she has "Liberal friends?"

Never mind "codewords"... exactly what "Liberal friends" are we talking about here?

yup, no personal attacksOh... right.

Of course, CBC is quick to pick up the "Conservatives are Mindless Goons" meme...
"Izzy Hirji posted on his Facebook page how he and a 'handful' of other students were escorted out of a Tory rally in Guelph."

"Hirji said he was participating in a "vote mob" that greeted the Conservative leader to the southern Ontario city."
A "vote mob?" You might wanna be careful with that word, Izzy... it hasn't been getting such great press lately.

I wonder how Ms. Aslam & Mr Hirji feel about being Michael Ignatieff's latest pawns in his war on Stephen Harper.

The fact is, I'm not privy to why these folks were escorted out of these particular events. But neither, apparently... are Michael Ignatieff or Jane Taber.

Was it an overzealous campaign worker? Was there some concern on the part of the security detail? Did any of the professional journalists or political operatives ask any other questions?

Or is this just another feeble attempt to score cheap political points?

What I do know... is that attempting to turn this into some sort of "Evil Stephen Harper" nonsense is beyond the pale.

And Iggy & company should be ashamed of themselves.


UPDATE: Just doing their part

The Toronto "Red Star" claims Ms. Aslam was "frog-marched" out of the event.
what media biasBoy... I sure hope she's laying assault charges.


"The PM's Goons? They're laughing at the rest of us. They're checking their ever expanding lists of "dissidents", and slavering over what they'll be able to once Steve gets the majority. They're only downcast because they didn't get a chance to taser those bad women."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 3:00 AM, April 06, 2011
Another nonsensical, middle of the night bulletin from my biggest fan.

Cue banjo music.


LAST WORD: Hang on... Izzy Hirji...

...that sounds so familiar...
"...stephen harpers plan is ridiculous, 40 years without results, and death to Kyoto!?!?!?! OMGWTF im ready to like go to Ottawa myself an take him down..."