07 April 2011

Stand by for breaking news... on gravity...

...holding shit down...
Into the vacuous open pit of policy trivialities that has become this election, David Dodge, former governor of the Bank of Canada, has just dropped a ticking time bomb.

The Canadian universal health care model, with governments as the major funders of service, is fiscally unsustainable.
In what conceivable way, shape or form is this news?

FWIW, my personal worst for being hung out to dry in a hospital Emergency Room is seven and a half hours... with, I might add... a fevered, semi-conscious child in my lap. That was a little over five years ago.

Try imagine the impending chaos as all those retired Baby Boomers start to simultaneously redline and spin off the road.

You want a return on investment... something that really matters... go join the local Y and start to do something about your looming decrepitude.

'Cos give it another ten years... you won't recognise the Canadian healthcare system.