25 February 2011

It's a long-standing Liberal tradition...

...no sense waiting for Iggy to maybe pull outta that tailspin... newly emboldened Bobbo decides he's gonna fly a little closer to the sun...

rae dazeNice to see that he's figured out who Canada's real enemies are...

“People in public service are talking about this — not openly, because they’re all terrified. But they do talk about it.”
Yes, of course... if only there was one brave man... who could stand up to those dastardly terrorists in the PMO.

Think, Bob... think...


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Skinny-dipping with Rick Mercer is one thing but calling Conservative government staffers “jihadis” is quite another.

By baring his soul in such a way Mr. Rae comes across as a bit of an ass. Were he a Conservative MP making such a comment he would be subject to a fury of biblical proportion – and rightly so.

His comments also speak to an attitude of moral superiority still found in within the Liberal Party’s senior ranks.

What does Michael Ignatieff say about his former roommate's adventures in etymology? I saw Mr. Ignatieff proselytizing in St. John's this week about how his Liberals weren't a nasty bunch – they attack ideas apparently, not people.

Someone clearly forgot to tell Mr. Rae.

"Who knew Canadian young people were such wimps!!! Start a Jasmine Revolution thru Facebook, Bob."
"Hey, Bob Rae has actually heard of jihadis. I wouldn't have taken that for granted."

LAST WORD: You're ever in doubt...

...about social justice, just ask yourself...
"What would the union do?"


Anonymous said...

Who knew Canadian young people were such wimps!!! Start a Jasmine Revolution thru Facebook, Bob - join those North African states that are crashing and burning as we speak - crosses burning on the grounds of Parliament (Hedy is your resident expert on this call to arms). lol

Anonymous said...

wow. Nothing could have prepared me, for the absolute hilarity of this post. I mean, there really is no way on god's green earth, that you could possibly be serious with this one neo.

Just thinking, about all those terrorist jokes lobbed at the liberals, "Taliban Jack", endlessly, I've seen some pretty bad ones, some barely stopping short of having a liberal aid in making the bombs that blow up our brave servicemen/women overseas. It seemed there was nothing, a conservative righteous right genius wouldn't stoop to.

And now, you want to go running screaming like little scared schoolgirls because "boob" Rae made a funny about the PMO's office.

Christ will you calm the fuck down, get back to being a jackass shrieking about Taliban Jack will ya.

Anonymous said...

Rae is a bitter man well passed his prime.

Consider the following;

-Many years ago he was turfed as Premiere of Ontario by such a resounding defeat that the provincial party to this day has never recovered.

- He placed third in his first bid to become leader of the Liberal party.

- He was forced to drop out of the race in his second bid to become leader of the Lib. party

-He was the leading force behind a miserably failed coalition attempt. The signatures were barely dry in the documant before the coalition collapsed.

- Even his attempt to embarass the gov't on African Aid failed because his own party refused to support it fully (the reference to GW Bush in the document was purely amateurish).

Rae is an angry man, rightfully so to some extent. He cannot understand how people he despises so much can continue to govern. He believes afterall that he knows what Canada needs and wants because, lets face it he is smarter than you.

Bert said...

I posted a link on Boob Raes Facebook page about his Jihadist comment. I had also mentioned that I remember what he did to Ontario, and that I don't want him to do the same to Canada.
Now, I looked again, and all of my posts (about 5) have been purged, and I'm not a friend of his anymore. I befriended him again, but they have me blocked so I can't post. What a hypocrite.

Neo Conservative said...

well... so much for the heady days of fiberal wine & roses.

remember this touching scene?

"Liberal MP Bob Rae says his decision to greet deputy leader Michael Ignatieff with a kiss upon his entrance into the House of Commons on Monday was not symbolic of where his loyalties will lie."

and p.s., dear bob... concurrent to your current leader's recent pronouncements regarding a new civility in the canadian political arena... you just might wanna rethink your definition of jihadi.

looks like my good buddy nonny (@9:49 & 9:59) would strenuously disagree...

"Christ will you calm the fuck down, get back to being a jackass."

hey, nonny... nice to know you haven't lost your compassionate, intellectual edge... and, of course, that... after all the uber-radioactive dipper fallout in ontario, there's still one loyal bob cheerleader out there.


Anonymous said...

apparently, it's ok for the conservatives to mouth off incessantly, attacking people on a constant basis.

However, should a liberal do it, well, the outrage is just devastating.

It's really so obvious neo, and this post and related comments, make the point quite well.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, puh-lease, nonny... don't start dialin' it down now... i love seeing your a-game...

"If it was me firebombing you, you would not have a chance at a second thought, because as soon as you exited the building, well, the whole idea of the firebomb was to flush the skunk (you) out and get you into um, range."
Posted to halls of macadamia at 10:18 PM, January 24, 2011

c'mon... don't suddenly go all... "i know you are, but what am i?"... let that incoherent rage flow.

p.s. - say hi to mahatma bob for me.


maryT said...

If there are jhihadists in Ottawa they are in the media trying to kill the consevatives. That is what jhihadists do, kill those that don't follow their beliefs.
For the past five years the media and coalition have done nothing but plot terrorist attacks on the conservatives. The good news is we have stopped them all. And we will continue to stop them.

Neo Conservative said...

well, mary... i suspect you, along with my biggest fan, may be missing the point here.

unlike nonny... i don't subscribe to the notion that ol' bob... "made a funny"... and neither does, well... bob rae...

- "People in public service are talking about this — not openly, because they’re all terrified." -

they're terrified, bob? seriously? i kinda doubt it.

anyway, my personal feeling is... it's not terribly helpful to describe the media as jihadis either... when incompetent, greedy or partisan, more neatly fits the bill.

for instance... i don't think jane taber is evil... she's either a "true believer"... or maybe just looking to get a seat in the senate if the liberals do come to power some day.

i think, what it comes down to... bob smells a little blood in the water... and has decided to make his move on his former room-mate.

and for that, occam says he needs a lot more ink.


CJ said...

Hey, Bob Rae has actually heard of jihadis. I wouldn't have taken that for granted.

What's more, he says "jihadis" like they were a bad thing. That's actually reassuring coming from a Liberal.

Neo Conservative said...

"cj says... I wouldn't have taken that for granted."

well, cj... he's heard of them... but i suspect he's still a little unclear on the concept.